No Tie Dress Laces Silicone - Black 12 Pieces for Adults


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Turn Your Dress Shoes into a Slip-on, Fun, Colourful, Easy to install and maintain. Perfect for kids, adults or someone who has a hard time keeping their shoelaces tied. A flexible, secure way of providing a comfortable fit for any size shoe.

Ideal for all indoor and outdoor activities, awesome for sneaker and casual shoes they are functional, fashionable and an excellent addition to your footwear! Be the fashion icon you always wanted to be. Buy them now

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Bar style

Silicone no tie shoelace dress fits 3 - 8 eyelets
Calculated on the following averages:
  • 3 - 8 pairs of eyelets (wide shoes)
    • distance between eyelets: 7cm
    • height between eyelets: 2cm
  • 3 - 8 pairs of eyelet (skinny shoes)
    • distance between eyelets: 3.5cm
    • height between eyelets: 1.5cm

Criss cross style

Silicone no tie shoelace dress is not recommend for criss cross lacing.

Silicone no tie laces are great

  • Saves time and effort
    No tie silicone shoelaces turns shoes into slip on, saving you time and energy tying your shoelaces. Say goodbye to loose laces and goodbye to falling over your own loose laces.
  • Always clean
    Our no tie laces are made from silicone and does not absorb water, so you won’t have any mud stains or water stains to worry about. If they do become dirty, just get a damp cloth and wipe them clean.
  • Comfortable and snug
    Made from quality silicone, it is strong and flexible. No tie silicone laces will transform your shoes into comfy and slips on providing your feet the support it needs.
  • One size fits most
    No tie shoelaces will fit most shoes, no matter the shoe size. The only limitation is that they won’t fit shoes that has 9 or more sets of eyelets or if the eyelets are bigger than 5 mm in diameter.
  • Perfect for athletes
    Long distant runners, basketball players and casual athletes all love no tie shoelaces because they don’t need to worry about loose laces.
  • Perfect for seniors
    Seniors especially with those with arthritis or lower back problems also loves silicone shoelaces, giving you access to comfortable shoes designed to support your body. So say goodbye to flip flops, loafers and the other unsupportive shoes and say hello to comfortable shoes with no tie laces.
  • Perfect for parents with kids
    Parents with kids goes bonkers for these, especially kids that has problems with co-ordination, and we all found it tricky to tie your shoelaces when we were young. Nothing is wrong with postponing that so the kids can focus on what’s important! Being a kid!
  • Perfect for lazy professionals
    Silicone no tie shoelaces are great for everyone, even office professionals, comes in formal lace style.

Silicone no tie shoelaces quick installation guide

Prepare your shoes

Measure up your existing bottom lace with a silicone no tie shoelace that is 2 to 3 cm shorter; this will be your starting point. Remove your existing shoelace. If the shoelaces are in ok condition, keep them somewhere safe in case you need backup shoelaces for your other pair of shoes. Optionally, this is probably the best time to clean your shoes, click here for further details.

Thread your shoelace

Using your starting point silicone shoelaces, thread the anchor through your bottom right eyelet hole, then you need to stretch the no tie shoelaces and thread it into the left eyelet. Work your way up to the desired lace height, when your done they should be parallel like a ladder.

Final touches

Put on the shoe with the new laces, check to make sure you shoes remains snug, and your feet doesn't move in your shoes. If you are happy with how they feel, pop the same setup on the other shoe. If you feel they are a little too tight or loose adjust the order of the silicone lace accordingly.

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