Glitter Shoelaces

When you want to “jazz up” your footwear that require shoelaces of various lengths, there is nothing like glitter shoelaces to accomplish that. They are stylish, shiny and fashionable. Swap out the current laces to create a whole new look.

The premium quality waxed shoelaces come in a variety of metallic colours that add shine and sparkle when they are hit by light. You can choose from gold, silver, bright pink, sky blue, purple, orange, green, or yellow in addition to the standard colours of brown, black, or white.

Are you ready to add eye-catching and glamorous bling to your shoes, sneakers or boots and stand out from the crowd and be out of the ordinary? Will you be wanting perfect stocking stuffers at Christmas as little special fashion accessory gifts for children and other family members, friends, and teachers? Glitter shoelaces are your answer.

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