Silicone Shoelaces

Silicone Shoelaces Package Content

Your new silicone no tie shoelaces consist of the following inside the pack

  • Adults: 16 pieces total ranging in different lengths, or
  • Kids: 12 pieces total ranging in different lengths

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You will also need:

  • One pair of shoe

Elastic shoelaces Installation

  1. Measure up your existing bottom lace with the same length silicone no tie shoelace; this will be your starting point, for your no tie shoelaces.
  2. Unlace your current shoelaces.
  3. Using your starting point silicone shoelaces, thread the anchor through your bottom right eyelet hole, repeat on the opposite eyelet hole.
  4. Repeating Step 3, Work your way up the palette to your desired lace height.
  5. Straighten them out, so they look even and parallel.
  6. Congratulations you have finished installing your silicone no tie shoelaces.
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