What are no tie shoelaces

No tie shoelaces transform a wide range of shoes into a comfortable and supportive slip-on, making shoes so much easier to wear.

They are durable, stretchy silicone or rubber based shoelace. No tie shoelaces come in many different designs, colours, and lengths allowing you to select the perfect no tie shoelace for your shoes.

Who uses no tie shoelaces?

Young school children love no tie shoelaces, especially kids that aren't able to tie their shoes. No tie laces empower kids, allowing them to put on shoes by themselves, starting their day with the right foot forward. No tie shoelaces prevent kids from tripping over their shoelaces, as there are no more loose laces.

Seniors/elders also love no tie shoelaces, especially if they have flexibility or arthritis issues. No tie shoelaces increase the range of shoes that they can wear. So say goodbye to slippers and hello to comfortable and supportive shoes.

Everyone can use no tie shoelaces, and there is one for almost every occasion from office wear through to sports events. Knots, tangles or loose laces are a thing of the past with our no tie shoelaces.

What type of shoes work best with no tie shoelaces?

There are different no tie shoelaces for different shoes:

Installing no tie shoelaces

Installing them is a cinch. Just follow the provided instructions or if no instructions are provided, install them like regular shoelaces.

Unleashes Creativity

There are no limits with the way you use no tie shoelaces. You can mix colours to create a beautiful combination to represent your team or your favourite club.

Our flat elastic no tie shoelaces can enable you to get creative with the lacing styles that you couldn't do with regular laces. Your imagination is your limitation on how creative you can be.

Advantages Of No-Tie Laces Over Traditional Laces

Our feet contracts and expands throughout the day, why shouldn't your shoes do the same? With no tie shoelaces, it will allow your shoes to expand and contract with your feet, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the day.

Most no tie shoelaces don't have a loose end for you to tie, so you will not trip over your shoelaces.

If you are looking for a fun and practical way to update all of your favourite footwear pieces, no-tie laces are an affordable, colourful and versatile way to extend the life of your shoes.

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Did you know?

Triathletes use elastic shoelaces; it allows them to save precious time during their changeover from their bike shoes to their runners.

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